Thursday, February 26, 2009

I'm The Winner!!

I was so excited when my name was drawn out of the Bell jar for the One Heart give away from Michelle of The Studio at Crow Haven Farm!! Plus.. not only was there one fabulous creation but FOUR!! Boy did I hit the jackpot! Thanks so much Michelle for creating these Fab Four Fun pieces!
Be sure and stop by her blog to see all the fun things she makes! Hey, has anyone else had trouble leaving comments on blogs? I've tried to leave comments on several of your blogs recently and when the word verifcation comes up , there are no letters, and I can't leave my comment. Very frustrating!

Thanks again Michelle, I feel like a grand Pirate with all my new booty! (I'm hiding it from Miss "P"..she's so jealous)!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New Etsy Shop

Thank you all for watching/ bidding on my ebay auction for Isabella!
Just a note to let you know I've finally gotten my Etsy shop up and have two new smaller ghostie wall hangings listed. I'm still trying to figure out links and such but hope this get you there for the moment!
Geezz I'd rather be creating than computering!!
happy Hauntings, Gail

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Ghostie on ebay..Finally!

I've had the energy of a Slug lately..exhausted from dealing with mum's brain hemmorage on dec 31....not conducive to creative energy to say the least! But... I've manage to get one new Ghostie finished(although not what it originally started out to be..isn't that the way it happens)

This is Isabella, my first red haired Ghostie!
"When the carnival sideshow came to town, Isabella thought she might see a clown!
But, instead..she saw a shrunken head, and an army of the living dead! but her favorite was her souvenir dolly of "Pip" the pin head"!!! Isabella is on auction on ebay, here is her link if this doesn't get you there just type in..ooak lackey ghost doll..should get you there! Let me know if you have trouble.
Isabella is around 12" tall freestanding, Antique fabrics mixed with vintage laces and hand dyed silks. My first red haired Ghostie, I love the pale greyish blue pallor of her skin matches her ghostly greyish blues in her shroudy tattered costume! She wears my signature baby skull button in her velevet ribbon head bow, with anitque millinary cranberry tattered trim . Cranberry antique velvet coat /dress.
She has handpainted blueish grey glass eyes..all the better to haunt you with!

I apologize, again,.. to those of you that I am behind on, awards, e-mails, etc..forgive me for being so slow, I'm crawling as fast as I can!!!
I am also working on some smaller less expensive pieces that i hope soon to list in an Etsy shop.
Happy Hauntings, Gail!!!