Monday, June 22, 2009

New Ebay Listing!

We returned from the car show in rained all 3 days!! But I did find some inspiration there which gave me an idea for a new little Ghostie, so all was not lost!

I finally finished the little Ghostie I had been working on, and she is now listed on ebay. Check her out.

Her name is "Petite Antionette" I wanted to do something a bit different from the last little Ghosties, and since I love all things French, she begged me for a french hat that I created from black felt, old ribbon and a metallic letter "A" for her name! "Petite Antionette , in search of some joy, found a comforting friend in the Pumpkin Head boy"
I don't think he has much french in him...he's kinda got that Sleepy Hollow thing going on!

She is 12 1/2 tall, and pumpkin boy is just over 4" tall. He is removeable, but she prefers to hold him close as she doesn't want another "gingerbreadboy" incident!
Her clothes are a mix of vintage and new with my hand painted glass eyes.

It's been awhile since I've listed anything new on ebay. They seem to have a new picture format which I have to say I think "stinks". Instead of the pictures coming up in the body of the auction, they only show in the upper corner of the see the different photos you have to click on the desired picture then click on enlarge which brings up a new page with one photo, you have to do this for each photo. If you don't click enlarge the photo stays pretty small. I left them a comment of what I thought of their new and improved ebay..I'm sure they won't like what I said..(just incase, I signed Miss "P"'s name)...naahaaa..haa..(thats a sneeky laugh, just payback for the dropping curse she placed while I was away)...ahhh Karma Ms P!!

Anyway...I hope you like my new little Ghostie!

When I get a chance I'll photograph my inspiration for my next little ghostie creation for you to see! I love it when inspiration's been few and far between lately!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matrix Energetics

Well, I have to say this was one of the most incredible and facinating workshops I have attended! If you have a chance to go, be sure and do may change your life and way of thinking.
It looks at alternative healing from a "quantum physics" and fact based approach. The Teacher Dr. Bartlett is a wildley intertaining wealth of information. I want more!!
My only problem now that I have returned home is a lack of willing bodies to try my new found techniques on. I have "practiced on my poor husband at least 3 times a day.He goes the other way when he sees me coming.... The dog gives me strange looks when I approach, and Miss "P" has become non existant!...Learking in the shadows no doubt!
In fact I think she put a small "dropping" curse on the studio while I was gone. I can't go in with out dropping everything I touch!!
Does anyone have a counter curse??
I'm also in the midst of trying to finish a "Ghostie " for Ebay. I was hoping to finish before this weekend when we leave for Joseph Oregon for a Street Rod show my husband is involved in. I go for the cool little antique stores and the bronze foundrys and the small art galleries there, while my husband loveingly Oogles the old cars that line the one stop light town named for the great Chief Joseph.
Okay..back to the studio for a late night...where is that Miss Pennythistle anyway??!!
Hugs, Gail