Saturday, February 19, 2011

A New Tiny Twosome in my Etsy Shop

Mistress Mary bent over to button her shoe, when a strong wind blew...she went Tootle-loooo!
This tiny twosome is newly listed in my Etsy shop is you'd like to take a peek Mistress Mary and her tiny ghostly companion are smaller than most of my dolls. Mary is 4 1/2" and Minnie is a petite 2" Both are hand sculpted in polymer clay and wire jointed so their arms and legs move.

Poor Sweeties looking for a new home to haunt!
I've been working away on Ghosties and have another small one in the works, although larger than Mary. Hopefully if she cooperates I will have her done by next week.
One of my regular sized Ghosties has been waiting mournfully in the wings for quite sometime, she's turned blue from holding her breath...oh wait..she has no breath!!
In the meantime I hope you enjoy Mistress Mary and Minnie!
You are SpOOkTacuLar!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Ghostie Coming!

Just an update to let you know I have a couple of new ghosties manifesting in the mortuary!
One, I've just finished, is a Tiny Ghostie with a little ghostly companion. I will be listing her in my Etsy shop tomorrow, Sat. the 19th. So if your interested keep an eye out!

Also, if any of you had e-mailed me in the last 3 months or so, and never heard from me...Please forgive me! I am not Ignoring you!!
I had become rather lax about checking my e-mails, and found myself saying "oh, I'll do it tonight, or in the morning"....well you know the rest!! Now it's been around 3 least sometime before Christmas... and the amount of mail is boggeling to say the least. You'd have to take me out in a straight jacket if I attempted to wade back through it all, which I don't think I will attempt!!
So again, I beg your forgivness if you have e-mailed and I never replied.Please re-email if you need to! I shall be better.... I promise! (Ms "P" is cracking her tiny whip...she's scarey)!

So for now I won't bore you with any more!! Watch for photos of the newest ghostie and some in the making!!
Have a SpOOkTacular Evening!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A New Ghostie!

Mz P informs me I was a bad blogger last year and I'd better snap out of it!
Heaven knows you'd better not get on the wrong side of her, so I'm hoping I can be a better blogger and a better "ghostie maker" this year.
That being said. Let me introduce you to my newest little ghostie I've just listed in my Etsy shop.
This is Olive Elderberry, who wandered into the land of Fairy. she gave a scream and a tiny shout, but never did find her way back out! So Little Olive is forced to wander...good thing she has her little Scary fairy dolly to guide the way, er,...maybe thats why she got lost! Those fairys can be a bit naughty at times!
Olive is one of my smaller Ghosties, and stands just over 8" to the top of her head. Her lovely little shroud is made from antique velvet and antique lace. Tiny little bones act as faux buttons.
She's looking for a new home to Haunt!

Here's the link for my etsy shop
Take a ghostly gander at her!!
Have a SpOOkTaCulaR NiGht!
Gail &... Ms P...of course!