Monday, October 17, 2011

New Ghostie on Ebay!

 Back from the exhibition in Canada, Madaline McCary and her shrunken brother Harry are now available on Ebay!
"With a voodoo spell, Madaline McCary shrunk her little brother Harry"!
 We all know how pesky those little brothers can be!
 I've added a larger striped bow onto Madalines hair and created a nice little headstone for her. The lamb and cross image was cast from the original childs coffin plaque,then I molded it in an airdry stone clay and  turned it into a headstone.
 Madalines dress is made using fabric from a tattered Victorian mourning dress.It has antique beaded black buttons on which I've added my signature sculpted baby skulls. The tiny skulls adorn her shoes and her hair ornament as well.
They are looking for a new home to haunt!
Check them out on Ebay!!
If the Gremlins stay away, I hope to have a few more things done before Halloween, So keep watching!
Happy Hauntings!