Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiger Lilly on Ebay

It's been quite a while since I've made one of my larger Ghosties, and even longer since I've listed one on ebay. So here She is! Tiger Lilly out for a stroll with her voodoo-ized umbrella!

"Tiger Lilly met her end when a Vampire spider became her best friend"

Little Tiger Lilly has a thing for cuddly little spiders, This one just happened to have a taste for cute little Victorian girls! Ahh..a friend for eternity... Tiger Lillys faithful pug dog companion, Pugsly awaits his own fate, unless he can be clever enough to come up with a plan to out wit this toothy foe, but I wouldn't hold my breath!

Tiger Lilly is one of a kind hand sculpted from polymer clay, as is Pugsly. The vampire Spider is softsculpted using victorian mourning fabrics and jet beads. Tiger Lilly measures about 11"1/2 to the top of her head and about 16" to the top of her voodoohead umbrella, which is removable and decorated with sculpted bone accents.

She's on auction at ebay right now, looking for a new home to haunt!...check her out!

This might be it for the Ghosties for a while as I've had the urge for some gobliny creatures and other things that go bump in the night!
Plus those ball jointed dolls are creeping into my mind once again!
Dark Blessings, Gail

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Another new Ghostie Just Listed on Etsy!

Ms "P" just discovered a tiny pair of ghosties in the studio, and since she is highly jealous of anything getting attention except herself, she says "they gotta go"! So....I've just listed them in my Etsy shop! This tiny pair was inspired by Edward Goreys book "The Gashlycrumb Tinies" (As are most of my Ghosties, except this pair is tinier than my others)
"Little Lolli, couldn't be sweeter, last seen in Kensington Gardens with an odd boy named Peter"!
Little Lolli measures just under 7" to the top of her bow, and her tiny Tinkerbell Fairy doll is 2 1/2"- 3" to the top of her topknot. Lolli's shroud is made from an antique silver-grey silk velvet ribbon. I've also used hand painted and dyed silk tulle vintage buttons and ribbons.
I've got one more larger ghostie in the works and then I think I may be on to something else...I feel some other little creatures mulling about the dark receases of my brain!!!
I also, time permitting, will be posting some information on doll making, as I recieve many e-mails all asking pretty much the same questions,....mainly," how do I become a doll artist..where do I start"? So I thought I might just do some posts, hopfully answering some of those questions.
In the meantime if you'd like to take a peek at Lolli and Tink, they are looking for a new home to Haunt! Check them out in my Etsy shop! This link should guide you there!
Have a SpOOkTacular Day!
Gail & Ms "P"