Friday, May 20, 2011

Memento Mori Theater Bust

I've created something a little different for the Ghosties. A little Memento Mori Theater display.
The idea was to do a bust of a Ghostie or something smaller that wouldn't take as much time as a full sized doll,...well it was a nice thought..., but after I did the bust I thought it needed a little something else, so I created the base from an old block of wood then covered it with vintage velvet. It still needed something more, so I took a mold from an old coffin plaque that said "our Darling" poured it in plaster, and added it to the front. I like that way it turned out, but felt it still needed something else, so I did the back drop for it from striped was kinda plain, so I thought it would look better to add a bit of theatrics to it. I photocopied some theater curtains from one of those dover books and hand colored them and added some details. It still needed something more, so I trimed it in the same old velvet as the base, made some curly decorations out of cardboard. I then molded another smaller "Our Darling" and attached it to the inside.
So my idea to create something that "wouldn't take me as long" as a full sized doll, actually took me longer to create than if I would have just done a doll! I never learn! Molly Mercy Jane,
succumbed to an overdose of poison Henbane!

Over all the piece is 10 1/2" tall and 5" wide. Hope you like her!

She is in My Etsy shop if you'd like to take a peek!

I have a ball jointed doll that I had started, I hope to post some photos of it in progress soon.

Happy Hauntings,


Saturday, May 7, 2011

GraveYard Goblin Ghostie!! OHHH Scary!!!

As I was out for an evening stroll in the cemetary, I came across some curious little fairy folk that co-habitated the place with the other spirits living there. Graveyard Goblins!!!!
Goblins never die they just grow pale with age! These particular little creatures love to tunnel under ground from grave to grave, which sometimes causes the ground to sink and headstones to tumble!!
This particualr ghostly goblin is "Stench" a jolly sort of guy!I've just listed him in my etsy shop if you'd like take a peek at him!

Stench stands 14" high to the top of his Stone Clay hat. I made his jacket from a remant of an 1880's victorian mourning jacket. I made him some nice little bone accessories and some eyeballs he wears on the tip of his shoes.

His dental care leaves something to be desired, (his teeth are sculpted from polymer clay) But he doesn't seem to mind much!

I hope you enjoy viewing him as much as I did making him...we had a good laugh!!

Dark Blessings, Gail