Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Three fairys made from La-Doll, standing around 8 1/2" small.
This is probably the largest doll I've made. It was made for a show NIADA had at CFM Gallery in NewYork in the late 90's. It is made from La-Doll and is over 12" from her seat to top of head and if she was standing, she'd be around 23" tall. She is painted with oil paints, and has human hair. Her hair wreath is made from mosses and shells. I recently found a great old crown for her to wear.

Years ago, before I was actually sculpting, I made this miniature bisque fairy from a Joyce wolf mold. She fits perfectly in this little moth-eaten -mouse pod carriage. Made from one of the millions of pods that artist BJ Gross sent to the retreat that Marilyn Radzat and I give in Hawaii. Everyone had fun making faces in the pods, but I decided to make this one into an enchanted fairy carriage. It's made with apoxie-sculpt over the pod, shells found on Marilyns beach, twisted beaded wire, beads, broken mirrors and glittery pipecleaners twisted into wheels, and pulled by an enchanted footman turned mouse cursed by the evil queen!
This little ghostly fairy is made from La-Doll over a wire armature. She has handpainted glass eyes and has befriended a little baby Taxidermied Roe deer that came all the way to me from Germany..through the magic of ebay! This fairy is 5" from her seat to her head.
I hope these fairys have inspired you!!


I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite fairys. Most things I put up for sale after I finished but I just couldn't part with these..anyway just yet!
They are one of a kind polymerclay overwire armature. I just love using old tattered silks and chiffons.When I think of fairys, I see them running wild and free, and if your doing that in a forest, in a little silk dress, then it's is bound to get tattered and worn, and a bit grubby around the edges! This fairy is just over 11' small.
Another of my favorites is this petite one. Her fairy gown is made from oh-so-delicate antique silkgauze and beaded with tiny silverlined antique beads. It's old and shredding but thats what I loved about it!It's her only dress and she's worn it for over 100 years! Her favorite place is on a wonderful antique wire bed that I found at Gothic Rose Antiques when I was in California.
If you love Victorian Gothic and fabulous unusual things, visit her site It's a visual delight!

This is "Fairy Funeral" or as my grandaughter calls it the "sleeping one" She is a partial ball jointed doll. Her arms and head are jointed but the rest of her body is stationary cuz I'm impatient..get bored easily, and trying to make all those ball jointed pieces actually fit is not as much fun as other things I'd like to do! She is laying on a pillow that came from Italy that was used under a christ child in an altar. And of course..her dress is shredding silkgauze with silver lined beads. She has human hair and is 13 1/2"

Monday, September 29, 2008

Ghostie Dolls

These are some of my one-of-kind Ghostie dolls.
Poor little Polly Crumb left alone by her mum..found the laudnum!

Molly McGlore, left on the steps of the workhouse door, waits in her carriage forevermore!
Master Lambe and Mistress Shephard went to the forest on a whim..

Night turned to day, some suspected foul play

As neither were heard from again!!

More Stuff!

This is my tiny sculpting area I ADORE books! On the top right is a wonderfully creepy goblin guy that Bill Nelson gave me. He waits and watches for the fairys to fly close...I have to keep an eye on him!
There are some antique wax doll heads in the alcove. Below, one of my ghosties and a soft sculpture monkey that I never finished from a class I took with the incredibley talented Jo-Ellen Trilling.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I Love Stuff!

You can never have too much stuff!!
An old mardi gras jester and a hanging on from Uta Brauser Some ball jointed dolls I'm working on, and little la-doll fairys in the box. This is part of my studio where I do my sculpting..providing I can find a place!!

A favorite things by artist Patrick wise..look up to see his flying Mr. Magoo!

I love having lots of stuff around me that inspires me!
This is some stuff in the part of my studio where I do my painting and baking.

Some of my dolls and some from other artists I've collected over the years. I'm addicted to Visual stimulation!!

"Eeny-Meeny Jelly-Beanie. The Spirits are about to speak "

Actually, they finally just kicked me in the butt, set me down and said Blog! You know ya gotta do what those voices in your head tell you to! ( By the way the quote is from Bullwinkle")

This will be the place where I will post photos of my Dolls old new and update you on any shows available dolls etc.

I'll also be sharing photos and things that inspire me..Visual is good!

My hope is that my work and the things that inspire me will also inspire you!

Dark Blessings,

Gail (The Ghostie Queen)