Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Three fairys made from La-Doll, standing around 8 1/2" small.
This is probably the largest doll I've made. It was made for a show NIADA had at CFM Gallery in NewYork in the late 90's. It is made from La-Doll and is over 12" from her seat to top of head and if she was standing, she'd be around 23" tall. She is painted with oil paints, and has human hair. Her hair wreath is made from mosses and shells. I recently found a great old crown for her to wear.

Years ago, before I was actually sculpting, I made this miniature bisque fairy from a Joyce wolf mold. She fits perfectly in this little moth-eaten -mouse pod carriage. Made from one of the millions of pods that artist BJ Gross sent to the retreat that Marilyn Radzat and I give in Hawaii. Everyone had fun making faces in the pods, but I decided to make this one into an enchanted fairy carriage. It's made with apoxie-sculpt over the pod, shells found on Marilyns beach, twisted beaded wire, beads, broken mirrors and glittery pipecleaners twisted into wheels, and pulled by an enchanted footman turned mouse cursed by the evil queen!
This little ghostly fairy is made from La-Doll over a wire armature. She has handpainted glass eyes and has befriended a little baby Taxidermied Roe deer that came all the way to me from Germany..through the magic of ebay! This fairy is 5" from her seat to her head.
I hope these fairys have inspired you!!


Anonymous said...

That is one -truly- gigantic doll.

It's interesting to see how you handle "huge" dolls and "teeny" dolls with ease. That is what is interesting about this post. It seems that most artists stick to the one size they are comfortable with. I love it that you have tried everything!

And that Doe is so sweet. What a treasure.

Amy Short said...

Ahhhh just beautiful. So what do you think of LaDoll? I've never tried it. How does it compare to creative paperclay? What polymer clay did you use for your ghosties? (oh man I just adore them!!) Just curious and love to hear what other artists think.


PS. Isn't that Roe deer precious!?!