Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I thought I'd post a couple of my favorite fairys. Most things I put up for sale after I finished but I just couldn't part with these..anyway just yet!
They are one of a kind polymerclay overwire armature. I just love using old tattered silks and chiffons.When I think of fairys, I see them running wild and free, and if your doing that in a forest, in a little silk dress, then it's is bound to get tattered and worn, and a bit grubby around the edges! This fairy is just over 11' small.
Another of my favorites is this petite one. Her fairy gown is made from oh-so-delicate antique silkgauze and beaded with tiny silverlined antique beads. It's old and shredding but thats what I loved about it!It's her only dress and she's worn it for over 100 years! Her favorite place is on a wonderful antique wire bed that I found at Gothic Rose Antiques when I was in California.
If you love Victorian Gothic and fabulous unusual things, visit her site It's a visual delight!

This is "Fairy Funeral" or as my grandaughter calls it the "sleeping one" She is a partial ball jointed doll. Her arms and head are jointed but the rest of her body is stationary cuz I'm impatient..get bored easily, and trying to make all those ball jointed pieces actually fit is not as much fun as other things I'd like to do! She is laying on a pillow that came from Italy that was used under a christ child in an altar. And of course..her dress is shredding silkgauze with silver lined beads. She has human hair and is 13 1/2"

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Amy Short said...

Ahhhh Gail...you do NOT disappoint! They are really lovely and I am beginning to think that I should add tattered fabric to my sculpts and see what comes out. Really lovely.