Monday, January 26, 2009

Fairys and Goblins!!

I am just going through photos of a new "ghostie" I finally got finished, so while I'm sorting out the good from the bad, I'm posting some photos of past goblins and fairys I've done for you to see.
This was the Fairy Goblin GodMum, a hanging piece,...looks like she's just got done "pranging" a bit stunned Miss Pennythistle !! This was a happy little goblin named "Toad" shown with is favorite rag dolly

This little fairy was made from paperclay, she's around 5" kneeling

One of my favorites..this standing fairy is 11" tall. Her dress is made from antique gauzes with silver metallic trim.

Another favorite was this petite fairy that sits on an antique wire doll bed. Her dress was made from very delicate pink tattered gauzes with tiny silver beads. She wears a beaded wire and tinsel crown.

Hopefully I'll have some photos to post soon of the new little "Mystery Ghostie"
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Friday, January 23, 2009


While I'm playing catch-up I thought I post a few pics of "Ghosties" I've
done over the last year or so.
These Dreary Darlings were "mini-ghosties" Vlad and Tallulah a petite 2 1/2"
"Little Vlad who succumbed to the vampires suck, and sister Tallulah who had a streak of bad luck! This is Myna and her changeling brother. Myna was jointed so you could pose her. The little changeling was jointed also.

This little "ghostie babe" is Molly McGlore, left on the step of the workhouse door...she waits in her carraige forever more!

And.... Melconcolia McKnight....she gave us quite a fright, when she hugged her fairy just a bit too tight!

I'll add more pics later...for some reason blogger only lets me add about 4 photos at a time. Maybe my pics are to big??
Like Roseanne Rosanna Dana said "Theres always something"!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Miss "P"'s Flick Pick!

Well, I'm Waaay behind on Posts..dolls...e-mails and posting awards, as I have been spending long hours driving to and from the hospital and spending 4-5 hours a day there with my dear Mum who suffered a brain hemmorrage right after Christmas.

They don't know what caused it.... was it the 48 hours of "A Christmas Story"????? We don't know. The hemmorrage sits in front of her speech center so she can only say a few words,.. but on a happier note, she is getting Slowly better, but I'm still with her much of the time, which needless to say is not condusive to creativity!


I recently ran across a great movie that I thought I would share with you. It's called "Hogfather", by Terry Pratchett. I have many of his art books,... they are worth a look if your not familiar with him.. , I didn't know they had made this into a movie until recently.

If your a big fan of fantasy movies, Harry Potter, Spiderwick, etc....I,... we,... Me and Miss "P"... highly recommend you check it out. I rented it from netflix, then purchased it on Amazon as it was under $10.00. ( I now play a 48 hours of the Hogfather)

Three hours of dark humour, wizards and unusual characters and sets that I found to be magically inspirering... (The only annoying thing is Mr Tea Times voice, which sounds strangely just like Johnny Depps voice in Willy Wonka)! ( Miss "P" adores Johhny Depp by the way)..

If I owe you an e-mail or haven't posted an award from you, forgive me for my delay. I will get to them as soon as I wade through my pile of undone stuff!

Thanks to all of you who have sent me and my Mum your kind thoughts during this ordeal, it's very much apprieciated!!!

I've sent the fairygodmum to bless all of you!

Happy Hauntings, Gail

Monday, January 12, 2009

My Zazzle Stuff

Awhile back I found a site that did photo sculptures of your images, among other products. But I was mostly intrieged with the idea of putting my doll images on I Picked a few of my favorite dolls and had one photo sculpture made for myself as well as some notecards of the image of Miss Pennythistle (posing as Madame Know-it-all) and Mysterious Claire who lives under the stair. I Ordered some for myself so I could see the quality ect.. and report back to you.
I'm happy to say my overall experience with Zazzel was quite good. They sent e-mails to notifiy me of shipping, and the shipping was timely. I'm happy with the quality of the products also. The note cards are on high quality glossy paper with envelopes included. These particular ones have written inside "Madame Knows it all" predicts your year to be "Jolly and other things ending in Olly" (my favorite saying from "The Hogfather"....another thing I must tell you about)! I will add images for other notecards and leave blank for you to add your own sayings.
I love this photo sculpture! The photo is incased in acrylic, front and back, with cut outs between the legs, and it inserts into a black acrylic stand. Nicely Done!
This one is of Master Lamb, with his lamby and wolfman doll, and stands 7" tall. (A bit hard to photo as it was picking up reflections) At the moment Master Lamb is not on zazzel for sale, but I will add him...there are a few other doll images on there to chose from. Before I spent the time to add tons of stuff I wanted to make sure I like them.
If you make dolls, and do shows, I think this would be a fun thing to add on your table for display, anyway a nice way to advertise your work, and much easier and sturdier than adding images to foamcore.

As you can see Miss Pennythistle is not shy about casting her vote...this in no way reflects mine!
(my disclaimer)
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ms "P"s one Pink Wish

Poor little Miss Pennythistle, has had the dilemma of how to use her one wish. Should she use it to restore her faithful traveling compainion Poor Stoney Mister Hedgehog to his former Furry glory....or.... use it to get that Oh so Wonderful, one of a kind, all Pink & Shiney Ornament thats she's had her sparkling big green eye on??
Well,... she has informed me she has come up with an "Oh so Clever, most Brilliant Idea" of how to do both!!! Oh Dear... OH WAIT..... Miss "P"... What Did you Do????!!!..
You've torn that pink wish ticket in two!! I'm not sure,.. but I think the Wish Etiquette book says thats a "NO NO"!
Those are halfhearted wishes and the Wish fairy just can't be bothered with "wish Halfsies...or Two for Wish-Onsies"!!!!
And... Oh yes... I see she's sent in the Purple Sugar Plum Fairy ....who's looking a bit dazed and confused as to why she's there...(why is she there?)... And, Look whats Happened to your Wish!!
Poor Mister Hedgehog is now just a fluffy lump of HedgeHog fur... (mmmnn.. maybe she could use him for a bedspread, or comforter)... And... her Big Oh so Wonderful, Pink and Shiny Ornament, is now reduced to a teensie-weensie pink pea!!

So..from now on, Miss "P" must make full use of your wish and not make half hearted ones!
You must Wish Big!!!
In the Famous words of Master Yoda,.."You either Do or you Don't, there is No Try"!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year to All....
Forgive me for not having something clever & witty for your New Years viewing Entertainment, but I have spent the last day and half in ICU at the hospitial with my 83 year old mother...who, is very stubborn and hanging in there...

I did have visions..(or hallucinations) of Miss "P" in her Hamms beer mug all decked out in her finest Party attire, complete with party hat, sparkles, and tiny tooty horn..but you'll have to put on your vision goggles and use your imagination to see it.
So... at the moment, Party mode is on hold... as I am exhausted....
If you could all send some happy, healthy, healing thoughts our way, it would be greatly apprieciated!!
I hope everyone elses New Year has started off better than mine!
Hope your year is Jolly and everything else beginning in Olly..
Holiday Hugz, Gail