Monday, January 12, 2009

My Zazzle Stuff

Awhile back I found a site that did photo sculptures of your images, among other products. But I was mostly intrieged with the idea of putting my doll images on I Picked a few of my favorite dolls and had one photo sculpture made for myself as well as some notecards of the image of Miss Pennythistle (posing as Madame Know-it-all) and Mysterious Claire who lives under the stair. I Ordered some for myself so I could see the quality ect.. and report back to you.
I'm happy to say my overall experience with Zazzel was quite good. They sent e-mails to notifiy me of shipping, and the shipping was timely. I'm happy with the quality of the products also. The note cards are on high quality glossy paper with envelopes included. These particular ones have written inside "Madame Knows it all" predicts your year to be "Jolly and other things ending in Olly" (my favorite saying from "The Hogfather"....another thing I must tell you about)! I will add images for other notecards and leave blank for you to add your own sayings.
I love this photo sculpture! The photo is incased in acrylic, front and back, with cut outs between the legs, and it inserts into a black acrylic stand. Nicely Done!
This one is of Master Lamb, with his lamby and wolfman doll, and stands 7" tall. (A bit hard to photo as it was picking up reflections) At the moment Master Lamb is not on zazzel for sale, but I will add him...there are a few other doll images on there to chose from. Before I spent the time to add tons of stuff I wanted to make sure I like them.
If you make dolls, and do shows, I think this would be a fun thing to add on your table for display, anyway a nice way to advertise your work, and much easier and sturdier than adding images to foamcore.

As you can see Miss Pennythistle is not shy about casting her vote...this in no way reflects mine!
(my disclaimer)
Happy Hauntings, Gail


Sue said...

I've been quite curious as
to the quality of the
Zazzle products. I'm impressed! The photo sculpt and the card look
great! Thanks Gail for
giving us your consumer report on them!

Hee, and Ms. P, I'm sure you did not mean to invoke
any chuckles, but, ahem,
your little cards hit my
funny bone! You, my dear, are priceless.



alimaky_woodedwoods said...

Oh my gosh! I'm getting Master Lamb as soon as you add him... its the next best thing until I can snag one of your dolls :)
(sorry Ms.P!)

3rdEyeMuse said...

these look sooooo AWESOME! I visited and was thrilled to see Miss P is available for photo suclpture ... am definitely saving for her & Violet Lark! very, very cool. :)

Designs by CK said...

COOL & great quality of the Zazzle doll photo sculpt!!!

Popping in to say a belated hello Gail.

Have a great & creative week. :-)


Village Gift Shoppe said...

That Ms P..........she makes me giggle every time I come her to visit!

I bought Joyce some Christmas gifts on Zazzle too and was very pleased with them also! =D


Gail Lackey said...

Thanks All..yes, Miss "P" thinks she's important now...but I really do love Master Lambs photo sculpture....Miss "P" is a bit one sided..
Hugs, gail

Pimplarian Pudus said...

Hi Gail!

Wow! it´s a very good idea, really! Thanks to share, Master Lamb looks like a bit thin, but still handsome... ;P

A Miss Pennythistle, I want to send her a trillion of hugs, and because she cause me a lot of smiles!

I really like to take a walk by these universe, and the doors are open always!!


Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Hi Gail!

Wow these look great! I know I've been pretty pleased with the quality of the items that I've gotten from Zazzle. And what a great way to market our work. By the way...their coffee mugs are great too!

I'd love to be able to sip my coffee every morning from a Miss "P" mug!!!

Sending good juju your way!
Haunted Hugs,

Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Oh Gail these are just wonderful! Does that mean I can have Miss P come to work with me every day to calm me down? LOL

Amy Short said...

Hi Gail! It has been too long. How are you? It is interesting to see the Zazzle stuff. I love the cutout acrylic sculpture. We have done that 3 times with photos of our boys and made magnets to put on the fridge. They are my favorite things on the to the chocolate! LOL

The glossy postcards look so fabulous too. Of course it helps that it is a really cool photo to begin with!

Wishing you a happy, fulfilling and creative year! More soon.


Oops! Desperate Blogger~ said...

These are really spectacular! What a wonderful idea. Thanks for sharing your vision!

Lotti said...

Hi, Gail! The photo sculpture is so excellent. I need some photo sculpture too. I hope that Zazzles ship to Germany :O)

Miss P. is so funny. Please say hello to Miss P. from me. I´ll buy some Postcards and put it on the wall in my office.

Zoya said...

What a great idea! Thanks for doing this and sharing your results.


Miss Mabel said...

Ahhhh, there was a reason why I love your stuff so much---you like Terry Pratchet!!!! Oh to be Susan ;0) I have dreams one day of making "death of cats" doll with a skull my kids found in the woods.


Rosanna said...

Hi Gail,
I have been looking for something similar to this and I love how it all looks professionally done. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Will you or your dolls be at IDEX Orlando?? I'm headed there to visit my friend Diane and I hope to see some cool BJD's too.

Big Hugs,

Karen from A`Musements said...

Well how cool is that?! Love technology... well, sometimes anyway. Thanks for doing the "lab" work on Zazzle. They should be giving your weight in free products for the ringing endorsement. Your art is the STAR of the show, however!

Castle in the Air said...

My heaven what a treat!
I am so delighted to have stumbled on this fantastic world.
Best wishes,

Odddollz by Jacqui said...
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Odddollz by Jacqui said...

These are great Gail, it will be nice to be able to get a few of them for that price!!
Gonna have to get me some:)

Zombie Hugz

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks all,...there are some really fun cool ways to sell/advertise your work...especially since some dolls are so expensive, it provides a more affordable way to get something.
Hopefully I will be adding more stuff when the time is available. I still am dealing with hospitals and my mum! NOT so creativly insiring!!
Miss "P" sends Mouthy Breath sloppy kisses!!!

Thelma-Art said...

I let you know that there is another award waiting for you at my blog.
Please come to see.

nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Hi. I have left an award for you on my blog. Hope you like it.
Best wishes... Nikki

Debbie Miller of Onion Patch said...

Thanks so much Gail and Miss "P"!!
I enjoy your work so much.


Gail Lackey said...

Hey thanks for the awards Thelma and Nikki. I'm waay behind on stuff,..but I'll get them up as soon as I can!
Thanks again!

Zarebski said...
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