Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bijoux Jewelry!

Greetings Darklings!
Half of the fun I have doing Gallery Shows is being able to dress up in an "Artsy Fartzy" sort of way. I love anything different and unusual, and I am in love with vintage and antique jewelry. I enjoy having that "one of a kind" piece that no one else has seen before and would die to get their hands on! I LOVE this Reliquary Necklace!
I am blessed to have a talented and creative daughter, Kimberly, that makes such jewelry.
(My shameless family, she gives me great gifts)!
Kimberly has opened a new Etsy shop, "Madonna Enchanted" to sell her one of a kind jewels made from antique and vintage pieces.If you'd like to take a peek, Here is the link
Enchanting Necklaces and Decadant Diva Rings!!

All One of a Kind for the Bijoux in you!

And... did you think you'd get away without seeing the "Divine Ms "P"....Little Diva that she is!
Modeling a few of her favorite rings and things from the Madonna Enchanted shop.

Thanks for taking the time to look!!
Dark Blessings,
Gail...and the ever Decadant "Ms P"!