Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Off To France!!

Okay everyone..this is my last post till I return from my trip to france! I'll be home after the 19th..barring Jetlag!
If you'd like to catch up on my travels, please check out my friends Marilyn Radzats Blog, as she will be posting on her blog our travels!!
I will be meeting with my friend Phyllis (hopefully at the same time) and driving from Toulouse to Soreze....sp?? to meet up with Marilyn... and staying in a house that is 350 years old!!! I'm sure to meet up with some old familiar spirits there, besides Phyllis and Marilyn!! LOL! It amazes me how new our own country really is compared to other countries.
Have a safe and creative time while I am away and hopefully I will have some inspirational ideas for you when I return!!
Big hugs, Gail,... oh..and miss "P"!!

Friday, September 25, 2009

New Ghostie in my Etsy Shop!

Lila is my last little ghostie for my etsy shop until I return from my trip to France and the creativity retreat in hawaii mid Nov." Little Lila O'Brian Cox... succumbed after a short bout with the chicken Pox"
Lila is free standing and measures around 10 1/2" to the top of her head and 11" to the top of her antique chinese doll hat. Her dress is made from remanants of antique and vintage chinese theatrical costumes. Her shoes are vintage deep red velvet and match her sleeves. She has vintage millinary netting across her dress.

Hand painted glass eyes and red mohair hair

Her dress was inspired by the photo of the real "Alice" taken by Lewis Carroll in her dress up oriental costume. In my etsy shop...
Hope you like her!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Happy Birthday !!

Today is my Birthday!! Happy Birthday to Me!!..And to celebrate birthdays with me, is my
friend Phyllis's Oh so french Irish Woldfhound "Laurie- Amelie" who is two years old and longer length wise than I am tall!
So Happy Birthday to ME and Laurie-Amelie!!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Alice and the Mad Rabbit

Here's a few photos of the finshed Alice and her Mad Rabbit! She is about 10 1/2" to the top of her head and 13 3/4 to the top of her hat. She's Free standing, and ready to run through the rose garden! She has hand painted pinkish/redish brown eyes and cute little buck bunny teeth.
Her dress is from antique civil war mourning dress sleeves, which is all that I had from this dress. I do not deconstruct antique dresses, I only use fabrics that are slavaged pieces and parts from them that otherwise do not have a home. I love using the old fabrics, as I feel it gives a since of history and mystery to the dolls. I love to wonder at who may have worn the piece and what their life was like, and to give the material a new life for someone to enjoy.

Her Mad Rabbit has had painted eyes, and new and old materials

Her hat is sculpted from polymer clay then flocked. The rabbit ears are leather. I like to combine different materials and textures.

Alice is happily haunting her new home far away from here!
When I create a doll I love to set a mood for myself. I am fortunate to have a studio to work from and do not have to pick up after myself! When I start a piece I do like to have a clean spot... I light absinthe candles that I got from a wonderful seller on ebay. Alas..the name escapes me as I write this, but I will look it up and post it later for you. I like to play movies and listen to music that deals with what ever subject matter I am sculpting at the time.

If your a big Alice Fan and like darker imagery than you get with the disney movies, Miss Pennythistle,...who is posing as the doremouse in this photo, recommends some of our favorites for you. "Alice" directed by Jan Svankmajer. The master Czech animator, no talking in this movie , lots of stop motion antique dolls and strange animated pieces, very artsy. Yaso, a japanese magazine has an issue devoted just to it. You can find the movie on amazon and the Yaso mag. can be found on ebay.
Another movie that is more of a darker Alice, is from the BBC. It's called "Alice in Wonderland" and stars Peter Sellers and Sir John Gielgud. I think also available from amazon.
Then there is the original music score from "American McGee's Alice" the game..very creepy and strange! All this sets the mood for making a more unusual type Alice. To top it off, I love the perfume oil blend from Black Phoenix Alchemical Laboratory called "Alice".
I hope this inspires you to create your own Dark Alice!
On more of a personal note, I just brought my husband home from the hospital today from his knee replacement surgery, so I am putting on my "nurse Ratchett" uniform for the next week!
I am hoping he heals fast as I will be leaving for France on the 30th to meet up with Marilyn Radzat and our friend Phyllis who is brave enough to drive us around France!
Marilyn will have her laptop and will be posting our adventures on her blog if you want to follow! she is already there paving the way for me and Phyllis!
Also..we have just a few openings left for some ladies for our hawaiian retreat in Nov. This is not a dollmaking retreat but a creativity retreat open to anyone searching for new inspiration. No experience required. Contact Marilyn at ikons@hawaii.rr.com or check her web at www.marilynradzat.com/
Happy hauntings, Gail

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slacking off

Sorry I've been such a bad Blogger lately. It seems there is always something going on here that takes time away from being creative. I did manage to finish up a new little Ghostie among all the turmoil.Poor little Mistress Maude,
always seemed a little odd.
She said her playmates came from the otherside,
But when the doctors examined her, insanity was implied.

Mistress Maude is on her way to her new home. She measured about 10 1/2".

I am hoping to get one or two more pieces done in the next couple of weeks before my trip to France with Marilyn Radzat..WoooHooo!! I'm getting the Hell out of dodge!!
Then I'll be home a week, just enough time to unpack and get re- packed and head off for our Creativity Retreat at Marilyns to-die-for beach front home in Hawaii!
The retreats are a wonderful combination of Magic, Art,Creative Inspiration, and just plain Fun!
We still have a few spots open.If anyone is interested in the information contact Marilyn at ikons@hawaii.rr.com.
I'll write more later...but for now I'm off to the studio to create an Alice figure. I've been so inspired with the new Tim Burton Alice movie coming out....I Can't wait to see that one!!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Thursday, July 30, 2009

New Ghosties for my Etsy Shop

I've managed to get two new small ghostie dolls done and listed in my etsy shop. An amazing feat concidering everything that has taken my time recently!
I've done a smaller petite version of my larger 12"-13" ghosties. She stands around 9 1/2".
Little Ellie Eleanor Blake
who, on her birthday ate too much cake,
Sadly, she succumbed to a tummy ache!
Her clothes are from vintage materials. I love her little baby blue angora hat..which just happens to be a vintage baby bootie, and has my trademark ghostie head attached on top and one on the strap. Hand painted glass eyes of course and white mohair wig.

He shoes are made from vintage blue and silver ribbon. She wears a tiny rusty bell so you can hear her coming!! (The gravemarker is not included)
I've also done a small wall hanging ghostie, which you can hang against the wall by a black ribbon attached on her back so she looks like she is floating.
She has Hand painted glass eyes. Her ghostly shroud is created with aged silk gauzes and vintage millinary netting. She has two little sculpted ghostie heads, one on her collar and the other attached to her striped bow. The head and hands are polymer clay. The body is soft over a wire armature. she measures about 11" from the tip of her ghostly shroud to the top of her head.
Hair is tibetan lamb.

Tiny Tilda who fell quite sick, after eating a pie laced with arsenic!

Here's the link if you would like to take a peek at the listing!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ghostie Inspiration

I've been abit slow to add on my blog lately. My Mom is doing better but my father recently ended up in the hospital. It's either one or the other. This year has been a challenge for me to say the least!
Here is the inspiration I spoke of for my latest ghostie. While in Joseph Oregon for my husbands street rod show, I came across this wonderful old print on canvas of two victorian girls dressed in fairy costumes. I fell in love, and was inspired for my next ghostie !
I have several antique wax dolls in christmas fairy outfits. I love the old silver tinsel that was used on them, and have been collecting it hoping to find something to use it on someday. It worked out perfectly for my latest Ghostie Pricilla Pettigrew! I used my old tinsel and an antique silver bullion star for her costume. Her fairy dress is from vintage baby blue netting, and her wings are from vintage wire tinsel. She measured around 13".

Pricilla Pettigrew,
star of the Christmas play,
Practiced her pirouette with a passion all day,
Alas, while performing a perfect spin,
She spun right off the stage to a dreadful end!

Pricilla has been sold, but I am in the process of creating two smaller pieces for my Etsy shop, that hopefully I will have listed tomorrow or the next day...keep your fingers crossed for me that there are no more family emergencies!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Monday, July 6, 2009


Well, I've been highjacked, spammed what ever you call it!!!!
I recieved a phone call this morning from a friend saying they recieved an e-mail from me saying I bought a computer and how wonderful the service was with a link.

If any of you on my mailing list get this e-mail DON'T CLICK THE LINK!! IT'S SPAM!!

I can't even reply to the people that wrote me to tell them it's junk, as hotmail tells me I have sent the max number of e-mails for a 24 hour period.
I don't know how they got my e-mail but it really fries me! I am sorry if any of you have recieved this e-mail.
If anyone knows how I can fix this or what to do about it, please make a comment on my blog as I won't be able to reply from my hotmail! This was the only way I could think of to reach any of you that might be on my list.
Ms "P" is in the process of placing a finger rigor mortis curse on this unscrupulus individual!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

New Ebay Listing!

We returned from the car show in Joseph...it rained all 3 days!! But I did find some inspiration there which gave me an idea for a new little Ghostie, so all was not lost!

I finally finished the little Ghostie I had been working on, and she is now listed on ebay. Check her out.http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=180372296753

Her name is "Petite Antionette" I wanted to do something a bit different from the last little Ghosties, and since I love all things French, she begged me for a french hat that I created from black felt, old ribbon and a metallic letter "A" for her name! "Petite Antionette , in search of some joy, found a comforting friend in the Pumpkin Head boy"
I don't think he has much french in him...he's kinda got that Sleepy Hollow thing going on!

She is 12 1/2 tall, and pumpkin boy is just over 4" tall. He is removeable, but she prefers to hold him close as she doesn't want another "gingerbreadboy" incident!
Her clothes are a mix of vintage and new with my hand painted glass eyes.

It's been awhile since I've listed anything new on ebay. They seem to have a new picture format which I have to say I think "stinks". Instead of the pictures coming up in the body of the auction, they only show in the upper corner of the page...to see the different photos you have to click on the desired picture then click on enlarge which brings up a new page with one photo, you have to do this for each photo. If you don't click enlarge the photo stays pretty small. I left them a comment of what I thought of their new and improved ebay..I'm sure they won't like what I said..(just incase, I signed Miss "P"'s name)...naahaaa..haa..(thats a sneeky laugh, just payback for the dropping curse she placed while I was away)...ahhh Karma Ms P!!

Anyway...I hope you like my new little Ghostie!

When I get a chance I'll photograph my inspiration for my next little ghostie creation for you to see! I love it when inspiration hits....it's been few and far between lately!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Matrix Energetics

Well, I have to say this was one of the most incredible and facinating workshops I have attended! If you have a chance to go, be sure and do it..it may change your life and way of thinking.
It looks at alternative healing from a "quantum physics" and fact based approach. The Teacher Dr. Bartlett is a wildley intertaining wealth of information. I want more!!
My only problem now that I have returned home is a lack of willing bodies to try my new found techniques on. I have "practiced on my poor husband at least 3 times a day.He goes the other way when he sees me coming.... The dog gives me strange looks when I approach, and Miss "P" has become non existant!...Learking in the shadows no doubt!
In fact I think she put a small "dropping" curse on the studio while I was gone. I can't go in with out dropping everything I touch!!
Does anyone have a counter curse??
I'm also in the midst of trying to finish a "Ghostie " for Ebay. I was hoping to finish before this weekend when we leave for Joseph Oregon for a Street Rod show my husband is involved in. I go for the cool little antique stores and the bronze foundrys and the small art galleries there, while my husband loveingly Oogles the old cars that line the one stop light town named for the great Chief Joseph.
Okay..back to the studio for a late night...where is that Miss Pennythistle anyway??!!
Hugs, Gail

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A New Adventure!!

Well, I'm off on a new adventure this weekend!!
I'm leaving Miss "P" in charge of the studio while I'm gone, (a very scarey thought)... and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that everything will still be here when I return!

I'm catching a plane on Friday to Seattle where I will meet up with my good friend Marilyn Radzat. We have both been interested in alternative healing and so we will be attending a 3 day seminar in Matrix Energetics!! Look out Merlin!!

So have an Enchanting weekend everyone! I'll tell you all about it when I return next week!!
Unless I'm absorbed into the matrix...oohh.. maybe I'll just meet up with that yummy Keenau fella in there somewhere!!LOL!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I'm a WINNER!!!!

I just LOVE getting things in the mail...Especially when it's NOT a bill!! Sooo....
I was totally THRILLED!! when I recieved an unexpected package the other day. Much to my Delight I was one of the Winners in the SpOOkyTime Jingles Giveaway!!! I won this AWESOME skeleton painting from the very talented Marie Patterson! He is just SpOOkTacular Marie!! A perfect fit for my Haunted decor!
Thanks so much for creating him Marie!
I highly recommend that you all bop on over to visit Maries blog. Also, go check out Marie and all the other Fantastic SpOOkTacular Artists at the SpOOkytime Jingles site. They are a group of extremely talented and fun artists!

WHOO HOO!! I'm off the the crypt to decorate!!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Etsy Shop Memorial day sale!!

In honor of Memorial Day and the Spirits of those who have crossed over into the other Realm, I've decided to have a sale on my Mugwort Mourning Ghostie " Lucy" in my Etsy shop.She's getting lonely there by herself!!
This Memorial weekend only! Tuesday she will be back to her original price.
I hope everyone is having a safe weekend!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alice in Belladonna land New etsy listing

I've been in a bit of a creative slump here, but I did manage to finish another small doll for my Etsy shop. To go along with my mugwort mourning dolls, I'm also doing what I call my "Belladonna Babies". And, as you can guess, they will include the infamous Belladonna herb, also known as Deadly Nightshade. This herb was used in the middle ages as an ingredient in witches flying potions, and also, more recently by Sally in Nightmare Before Christmas! I've used the seeds in this case, and they are safely sealed in Alices Blue felt heart inside her little mugwort and wool stuffed body. There is no chance if them escaping their little blue tomb, so never fear! But, poor Alice I fear on the other hand is their fateful victim! Alice resides in her handmade wooden coffin that is lined with red velvet and her red and white striped cushion. The coffin is trimed with German gold dresden trim. She has her slightly crazed white rabbit friend to keep her company. She has little leather rabbit ears that are attached to her blue silk cap.
Alice measures 6" to the tip of her ears, the coffin is 6 and 1/2 " The white rabbit is 3" and has little leather arms legs and ears. Alice is one of a kind and made from polymer clay with a soft body.

Poor little Alice, some said it was ment to be. Others said it was the belladonna in the Mad Hatters tea. Some blamed the cheshire cat, as you can never be sure where he is at. What ever it was, mystery was on hand, that fateful day in Wonderland!
She is avalable in my etsy shophttp://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?ref=vl_other_2&listing_id=25455749 along with her mugwort mourning doll friend Lucy in another listing.

Hopefully this creative slump is temporary, or I may have to borrow Alices fancy little coffin to rest in!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mugwort Mourning Dolls on Etsy

I've had this idea for sometime about creating dolls stuffed with the magical herb mugwort. Mugwort was used in ancient times, and still is used in protections spells and for contacting the dead. It is also used in protecting yourself from evil spirits. It provides protection in traveling and aids in Psychic work.
I am fascinated by all things mystical and magical, so I wanted to create dolls incorporating this magical herb. I wasn't sure about how to do the body in order to be able to stuff it using the herb, so... Mary Lent was my first victim in experimentation. Her head and hands are polymer clay and the body is hard stuffed muslin using wool and mugwort herb. She is 7 3/4" tall and her dress is made from a victorian mourning cape and from it hangs victorian mourning beads. Also used is victorian black net with gold metallic threads, all in keeping with the times. I hand sculpted her bone and skull beads. She was the first proto type.
After I finished Mary, I wasn't sure thats how I wanted to do the body and thought it would be much more fun to do one in a casket. As my daughter Kimberly's boyfriends dad ,Vern, (thats a mouth full) ,is a wonderful wood worker, making hearses, wagons, carriages and caskets (how perfect was that) I commissioned him to make me some cool little caskets for my mugwort babies. Lucy resides in the first one. I changed the body to more of a minature type, which is 5 1/2" tall, the casket is 6 1/2". Lucy has head, hands, and legs sculpted from polymer clay and the body is hand sewn from muslin, and stuffed with mugwort. She is removable from the coffin. Lucys clothes are made from an antique pink ribbon that had silver lined beads sewn on. It has vintage lace, vintage millinary net and pink silk ribbons. Mohair curls, hand painted glass eyes.

The interior is tufted cream silk velvet, with the same on the sides of the little casket. The top is removable and held on by tiny nails. Lucy is removable and can be displayed with the top on or the top off the casket as it stands up on it's end. I like this idea better than the first, so the next few I will make will be of this type. The top of the casket has antiqued gold dresden trim for decoration. The poems for them are as follows: "Mary Lent, her little life spent..when into the witches cauldron she went"
And... "One dark gloomy day, little Lucy went out to play..it was a day of dispair, as she ceased to breathe air..and now in her casket does lay"

Both Little Mugwort Mourning dolls are now available in my etsy shop waiting for new homes to haunt!http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=24802821 this should get you there, my etsy user id is queenofthefaeries.
I am also working on some other similar pieces using another famous poisen herb in the mixture! so be watching for the next magical batch!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Keep Watching!

First,... I am excited to tell you that Victoria Vampire, my doll for the exhibition in Japan, has a new home there! The collector is the wife of a famous Kabuki actor ....How cool is that?!!! I am excited she will be making her new haunting grounds there in such good company!
Next.. a little heads up !
I have been working on a new idea for something thats been brewing in my mind for quite some time. I finally finished something new and fun that I will be listing on etsy, hopefully by tomorrow (friday) eve. Here is a mysterious sneek peek at one of the pieces. As soon as I get them listed (I have 2 dolls) I will give you all the details and photos on my blog for you to see!

And,.. a big Thank You to all, for your support and kind words during the last few months. It's been a big source of encouragement for me and I am touch by your thoughtful and kind comments while I am dealing with family health issues. I am strengthend by your words and kindness as I know most of you are dealing with your own life issues. I send you kind thoughts and blessings to give you strength that we may all find that bright light to guide us on our path!
Happy hauntings, Gail

Thursday, April 30, 2009

World Ningyo Exhibition

Here is a link to see all the wonderful dolls as they are set up at the show.
Click on the picture of Tine Kamberbeeks fairy in the block that says World Ningyo Exibition. It will take you to the show page.
There are two pages of doll photos. To get to the second page click on the short brown sidebar at the bottom of the page on the right (not on the long brown one), or, on the short brown side bar top right in the picture of the blue brick window that says Maruzen.
There are some pretty fantastic dolls! My little Victoria looks so lonely on the table by herself!! I only had time to make the one doll, but she has her little vampire dolly to keep her company!
I love all the wonderful Japanese ball jointed dolls in the show!
I'm inspired!!
Happy hauntings, Gail

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm Back..Again!

Victoria Vampire, My doll for the Japan show!

Well, this must be my year as caretaker, as thats all I seem to be doing since the beginning of this year! It leaves me precious little time to do anything else, and I've sorely neglected my poor little blog. Between careing for my 84 year young mother who had a stroke after christmas to my husband who recently had a new bionic knee replacement. I'm a bit burnt out!! Plus trying to finish some dolls that were promised last year..(thank you to those who patiently waited in the wings while I dealt with life)! And..trying to get my doll for the Japan show finished and mailed so it would arrive in time.!
Yeah..I am happy to say it did arrive safely and all is well..for this moment! LOl!

Here is a link to the show in Japan. There are some wonderful artists included and I am honored to be among them.

Her name is Victoria Vampire,:

"Little Victoria wanders alone at night looking for someone tasty to bite"!
She measures 12" tall and wears antique fabrics and carries her little ghost dolly along on her outings. If you might be interested in having her come to haunt your house, email me at faeries16@hotmailcom and I can give you the contact info.
In the meantime Ms "P" has been very quite..it makes me really nervous, especially when the lights flicker and I hear crackling lightening like noises and hidious laughter coming from the back room!!!!
I am lighting my religious candles covering myself with protective oils, and calling in all protective saints and any one else that can bring protective energies to prepare me for what MS "P" might be boiling up in her little dark corner of the room....BE AFRAID...BE VERY AFRAID!!!
This is what happens when she does not get the attention she requires..does anyone have a spare suit of armour????
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Saturday, April 4, 2009

French Art Doll book!

I love great books! Especially ones that have lots of wonderful inspiring photos! I recently ran across such a magical book, thanks to a post by artist Extroidnare Joanna Thomas.
This is a Fabulous French book put together by Aude Berger. There are beautiful large photos of works by 13 doll artists. I was pleased to see dolls of some artists that I had not previously known.
Some of the artists included are Wendy Froud, Tine Kamerbeek,Virginie Ropars Veronique Jacquelin, Heloise, and Bets and Amy Van Boxel.
The book is in French, but Aude has had some of the writing translated into English. She is looking for someone who can help her translate the rest of the book from French into English. If anyone can help or knows of someone who can translate, please contact Aude at oo.berger@laposte.net. You can e-mail Aude if your interested in purchasing the book, she does speak English.
What I read of the translated work is charming and as beautiful as the dolls. Aude has an enchanting style of writing like reading a fairytale. Thank you Aude for creating such a wonderful book for us to see!

Happy Hauntings, Gail

Sunday, March 22, 2009

My Work in Two new Publications!

Miss Pennythistle is enjoying reading two new publications my work is in....well.. actually, she doesn't read....she just looks at the pictures!! Miss "P" loves to look at herself in pictures..unlike me! Miss "P" is easily entertained!!
Multi-talented artist Cynjon has put together a wonderful little art zine, with great photos of many different artists doing different types of work. Paintings and sculptures to cute little felted creatures! It features a wide variety of work, something for every one! Check it out!!

Check out his cool site, and find out more about this new art zine which is available from Blurb. You can find the order link on Cynjons site!
Thanks for including me in your first cool zine Cynjon!!

The Preimer Issue of the Fairy Society Magazine is now available also!
A wonderful new magazine filled with fantasy art, wonderful articles, and little surprises. Beautiful photos of doll artist B.B. Flocklings enchanting children adorn the pages. There is an article on how to make fairy cakes out of clay to creating wigs makeup and costuming by Rhonda Napolean. My own contribution, a peek inside my studio. Be sure to check this preimer issue!
Miss "P" thinks you'll not be sorry! She has Good taste! (at least she thinks she does..and I'm inclined to agree, this time)!

Happy Hauntings, Gail

Friday, March 20, 2009

Who is that person in that Video??

Well, I suppose we all look at ourselves in photos and such and say..Do I REALLY look like that??
I am positve that some other being other than myself is speaking for me in the video "the world of the doll maker" I look at it, and say.."do I really talk like that?? is that how I Really look! Yikes.. Time for a major make over! Fab four... Where are you?!!
Thanks to some of my friends who know me, like Marilyn Radzat and Kat Bunker who have soothed my wounded ego and have agree with me that "that is not me in this viedo" and sent photos more resembling the real me, I am feeling much better. So I thought I'd post a few photos that look more like the "real" me.

Some of my favorite photos are these at shows where Richard Simmons collected my work. The one photo is of me, Richard and my daughter Kimberly who is very artsy and has a blog of her own. the Enchanted Room, Check it out.
The others are of me in Hawaii at the retreat with Marilyn Radzat.

Okay..I feel better now!
happy Hauntings, Gail