Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Slacking off

Sorry I've been such a bad Blogger lately. It seems there is always something going on here that takes time away from being creative. I did manage to finish up a new little Ghostie among all the turmoil.Poor little Mistress Maude,
always seemed a little odd.
She said her playmates came from the otherside,
But when the doctors examined her, insanity was implied.

Mistress Maude is on her way to her new home. She measured about 10 1/2".

I am hoping to get one or two more pieces done in the next couple of weeks before my trip to France with Marilyn Radzat..WoooHooo!! I'm getting the Hell out of dodge!!
Then I'll be home a week, just enough time to unpack and get re- packed and head off for our Creativity Retreat at Marilyns to-die-for beach front home in Hawaii!
The retreats are a wonderful combination of Magic, Art,Creative Inspiration, and just plain Fun!
We still have a few spots open.If anyone is interested in the information contact Marilyn at ikons@hawaii.rr.com.
I'll write more later...but for now I'm off to the studio to create an Alice figure. I've been so inspired with the new Tim Burton Alice movie coming out....I Can't wait to see that one!!
Happy Hauntings, Gail


Kelly Lish said...

She is so adorable-how do you ever let them go? I think I would be so attached that I would never want to sell them!

Sycamore Moon Studios said...

What a darling new doll. It is no wonder that she has found a new home.

Pattee said...

First of all your doll is wonderful and that of course is an understatement.

You are going to France with Marilyn???? Wow you are a lucky woman.

Then a retreat? Are you ever going to be at home?

I'm really happy for you Gail!

julie campbell said...

maude is so lovely Gail, what a tragic little face !
I too am waiting on the tim burton film with baited breath and now waiting on your Alice too :0)
I am working on another miniature Alice for a Through the Looking glass display at my next show, think the impending movie has a lot of us feeling creative !
julie xx

anjah said...

Oh, she is again very nice and her doll looks funny.
Lots of fun for the trip to France, I'm jealous ;-)
Best wishes, Anjah

nadiiaevans said...

I absolutely adore your work!

Ascension said...

Hola!!!!!!!!!!me encantan todos tus personajes, felicidades.besitos ascension

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

How sweet and lonely is she?! I am enchanted with her.

When will you be in France? We're going to be there for ten days in two weeks. Are you going to Paris? Maybe we can meet for a drink?!

We're staying at (our usual) Hotel Neva - just a couple blocks from the Arc d'Triumphe.

I'm pea green with envy about your Hawaiian retreat. I haven't been to Hawaii since Spring Break sophomore year LOL.

Skellyton Art said...

Little Maude is divine. Insane? she could be related to me!

How I wish I could go on the retreat with you!

Whew, I am so glad I got my Alice done. I would have left it to you, the master. I could not have even attempted the task. I know she will be so special,I can't wait to see her!


Joanna Thomas said...

She's so cute Gail! I could squeeze her to pieces!
Have a wonderful trip to France!

charmedwishes said...

maud is so cute! i wish i could have one of your creations.


LoopyBoopy said...

Muahhh to Maude..she is tragically fabulous!!

I would need to pinch myself every few minutes if I ever were to find myself in France or in Hawaii with two amazing doll makers like Gail and Marilyn..it would be a dream come true!

Have an absolutely fabulous time Gail, I know how much you need it!!

Daydreamer :) said...

Love her! Have fun in France and doing your retreat. Really wish you guys would have one on the mainland again ;) Maybe I'll come after my sister moves to HI.

Designs By CK said...

LOVELY as always! '-)

Popping in to say hello & enjoy your weekend! :-)


Amanda said...

Hi Gail,
just came across your blog, your dolls are absolutely stunning, your a very talented lady

Amanda :)

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks everyone glad you like her! I had fun doing her!
And yes, Tristan that would be fabulous to meet you in Paris! No better place than that!We'll be in Paris the 14th through the 17th. Marilyn will have her laptop so e-mail her.
Oh I wish we all could meet up in Paris how fun would that be?!!!
Big hugs to you all,and thanks so much for your comments! Gail

Pattee said...

Thank you Gail for your words on my witch...

Wow you lucky going to Paris with Marilyn!!!! Are you staying the month?


Marie Antionette said...

Maude is a beauty,and not so insane.I hope you enjoy your trip to Paris you lucky girl.I wish you a safe journey and a fun adventure.Before you go,Come by and throw your name in the hat.I am having my one yr blog anniversary givaway.XXOO Marie Antionette

kabobbledog said...

Gail, Make sure you get an overpriced chocolate crepe on the eiffle tower! And for heaven's sake, i get 3 days notice on the new alice before all the other fans (because Santa is watching and we're BFFs~don't make Santa sad, Gail). Just kidding! Have a great time on your vacations. France is fun~Hawaii's on the bucket list!

Joanna Thomas said...

She is precious! I love all your work Gail!
Thank you for your note... Please give Aude a kiss from me!!!!
We finally fnished our renovations on our house that have eaten up my entire summer...!!