Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Three Miniature Ghosties in my Etsy Shop!

Just listed 3 new ghosties in my Etsy shop!
 Two little Girls and the first ever tiny boy...Little Fred and his Zombie Bear Ted. They each come with their own "Our Darling" headstone
 I haven't been able to work as much as I'd like in the studio, the Ghostly Goblins and Goulies have been holding me prisoner down in the crypt, but occassionaly I've been able to sneek away unnoticed when they focus their attention on things more important to them, like a feverish game of tiddlewinks or racing potatoe bugs!
In the meantime these little ghosties are the only things I've been able to get done.
If you'd like to take a peek, heres the link!
Dark Blessings, Gail