Monday, September 29, 2008

Ghostie Dolls

These are some of my one-of-kind Ghostie dolls.
Poor little Polly Crumb left alone by her mum..found the laudnum!

Molly McGlore, left on the steps of the workhouse door, waits in her carriage forevermore!
Master Lambe and Mistress Shephard went to the forest on a whim..

Night turned to day, some suspected foul play

As neither were heard from again!!


Amy Short said...

Hi Gail! I love your work, just beautiful! I shall come and visit often now that I found you. :o) Oh, and I'm adding you to my fav blog roll.


Gufobardo said...

wonderful ghostie dolls! how many tall are them? hugs, can we exchanges our blogs? Stef

elphaba said...

how can i buy one of your ghostie dolls