Friday, February 18, 2011

A New Ghostie Coming!

Just an update to let you know I have a couple of new ghosties manifesting in the mortuary!
One, I've just finished, is a Tiny Ghostie with a little ghostly companion. I will be listing her in my Etsy shop tomorrow, Sat. the 19th. So if your interested keep an eye out!

Also, if any of you had e-mailed me in the last 3 months or so, and never heard from me...Please forgive me! I am not Ignoring you!!
I had become rather lax about checking my e-mails, and found myself saying "oh, I'll do it tonight, or in the morning"....well you know the rest!! Now it's been around 3 least sometime before Christmas... and the amount of mail is boggeling to say the least. You'd have to take me out in a straight jacket if I attempted to wade back through it all, which I don't think I will attempt!!
So again, I beg your forgivness if you have e-mailed and I never replied.Please re-email if you need to! I shall be better.... I promise! (Ms "P" is cracking her tiny whip...she's scarey)!

So for now I won't bore you with any more!! Watch for photos of the newest ghostie and some in the making!!
Have a SpOOkTacular Evening!!


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Oh I can't wait! I will be back tomorrow to see..
Enjoy your weekend

julie campbell said...

Really looking forward to seeing your new ghosties :0)
isnt is scary how emails build up... have to deal with mine right away because if you dont and they reach 3 figures suddenly the delete button is oh too tempting ;0
julie x

Pattee said...

I understand Gail...

Glad you are creating!!!

XXX Pattee