Friday, December 12, 2008

Loverly Luv Spreaders

In Honor of the Spreader Of Love Award, I would like to share with you some of the really Special gifts I've had the good fortune of recieving lately. And Of course.. the ever so present "Darling of the Stage" Miss Pennythistle, had to make a production out of it!..I would expect no less from her!
From the Fabulous Kamila of Wooded Woods came the most precious little Blind girl Iris, and her seeing eye cat!! Who else but Kamila would have thought of such a creative idea for a doll..she is Most Marvoulous in our eyes..Kamila and Iris! Thank you Kamila..she is most precious to me!
And of course it wouldn't be complete without the blind leading the blind!
Miss Pennythistle has a Monstrous thing for the most zombiefied of all Zombies..none other than Zombie Edgar gifted to me by the Zombie queen herself (you and Kamila might have to fight for that one) Jacqui of Odddollz. He arrived zombified in his own little dark coffin. I think he has a thing for Miss "P" also, but so far he doesn't show much emotion towards her. Miss "P" sprouted her little angel wings and gives Zombie Edgar her tiny teddy so he won't be alone in that coffin....MMNNN.... what could she Really be up to???! Thank you so much Jacqui.. Me and Miss "P" adore him!!

From my Italian friend Stef of Gufobardo .
came a wonderful spooky suprise package with happy halloween haunting fabric with golden pumpkins and spiders! A SpOoktacular site... and... the most beautiful jeweled earrings!!! Dark and Decatant! ! Miss "P" says they should be hers, as they set off the lovely pale pink pallor of her skin, and look "oh so charming against the deep mossy green pools of her eyes"..(Gag me)! Thank you thank you rock! And from my friends Susan and her sweety of a hubby Tuffy, came the most adorable little wooden Spooky doll..One of Miss "P"'s favorites..along with a fabulous inspirational art book Thank you for your kind thoughtfulness!
Dark blessings to all of you!


Chicken Lips said...

Gail - you are amazing to say the least! Oh how I would love to poke inside your head for just an hour and see where all this creative stuff comes from!

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

Oh! Miss Pennythistle is the perfect guide for Iris, I do hope she's kinder those crazy cat guides... leading poor Iris into dark corners or steep ledges...

Gail, I would thank you to convey my good wishes to Miss P for being such a sweetheart.

Gail Lackey said...

Hey chicken lips..I'd love to get inside there my self sometimes..I know there's a few things missing, maybe i could find them!
And kamila..Miss "P" thanks you! she like to feel like she's helping..even if she just leads Iris around in circles!
Hugs, gail

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

well, you sure have some creepy little goodies...some of my favorite doll artist!
thanks for the tour Miss Pennythistle.

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Miss Pennythistle looks to be in her glory!! between walking poor Iris in circles, wooing Edgar, fancy new earrings and the cutest little spooky wooden doll.....what more does she need!! All this should keep her out from under YOUR feet for a few days:)
There is no other place I think Edgar would be happier then at your studio with all the other spooky little darlings and you:)

Thanks so much for the shout out and spreading the luv:)

As far as being the Zombie Queen goes, I will humbly share the title with my friend and the Zombie instigator.....the Great Kamila!!

Zombie Hugz


The Whimsical Goblin said...

the goblin lovez them all. what fun

Gufobardo said...

wow Miss P, with the earrirngs you are perfect! thanks Gail, you are so sweet!!!!!

Designs by CK said...

SpOOkilicious as ALWAYS!!! :-O)


Studio At Crow Haven Farm said...

Miss P has been up to it again! I agree with Chicken are AMAZING!

3rdEyeMuse said...

holy smokes! that's some serious love showering down on you ... how can you possibly work on anything when you have such gruesomely goodness to be agog over?!? there's some seriously amazing craftsmanship happening there.

Gail Lackey said...

Yes, I am truely blessed and honored to be on the recieving end of such generous and sharing friends. They are such sweet and thoughtful spirits to want to share a part of themselves with me,...(Okay,.. now I'm getting mushy)!But I really am touched with their kindess and generosity!
Many blessings to all sweet spirits out there!

That Creative Place said... scored, woman! Those are really great. thanks for the share!

adelesspookyart said...


But Miss "P" is the Best...Maybe she deserves a Storybook starring "you know who"....Always excited to see your latest Creations....~adele~

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks All...
I actually had started writting down little stories after I created Miss Pennythistle..I had done her just for fun and all of a sudden all these funny little stories came to mind, and I thought what a fun book this would be! They are all written on napkins and backs of envelopes and such! LOL! Now, if I just had more time!!Maybe Miss "P" could just write the "Memoirs of Moi"!
Happy hauntings, Gail

LoopyBoopy said... those are some Christmas lists I'de like to be on! Love them all.