Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Back from the Living Dead

Just a short post here for now. I have been hiding in my crypt nursing a dreadful sinus infection..I thought I would surely die, as I saw that bright white light in front of me....then I realized it was only the doctors light as he was looking into my facial orifices!!
He's given me some wonderful pills that will cure my sinus infection along with 3 pages of warnings and side affects for taking these pills and a statement that there is more warnings and side affects that are not listed on the pages given...ahhh the wonders of pharmaceutical industry!
Hopefully they will just cure my sinus infection and I won't grow an extra limb or die a long and horrible death from taking them..or end up taking more pills to help get rid of the other illnesses that they could possibly cause me to acquire!!
I haven't been to a regular doctor in over ten years, prefering natural cures and "witch doctors" over over man created synthetics. But..I guess there is a time a place for it all!!

I hope to be back posting more fun stuff for you soon!
Happy Hauntings, Gail


Sprite said...

I was wondering where you'd gone off to :) Feel better and soon!!!

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks Sprite, Yes, I hope to be back to my old decrepit self soon!
Hugz, gail

Sonia ;) said...

Aw Gail I am glad to see ur still hanging on..sinus infections are the worst...Bless get better....need my inspiration...Tell ur mom Hi from Henry lol.



Sue said...

ouch, sinus infection! As one who is prone to these infections from hell, I so sympathize with you. Unfortunately, antibiotics are the best thing for them which means a trip to
the regular doc.

Glad you are feeling better

Tristan Robin Blakeman said...

argh - I hate sinus infections and can totally empathize with your miseries!

hope you load up on anti-biotics and are up and about soon!

Amy Short said...

Oh OUCH! I had one of those once and I remember feeling as if I had been punched in the face. I feel your pain. Hope you feel better soon, very soon.

You are not alone, we are dealing with strep and scarlet fever in this house! Joy!! (said VERY sarcastically!)

Take care,

Bonnie Lee Fontaine said...

Ohhhhhh, I feel your pain. Well, not really, yay me...lol. Yanno, I get that you want to connect with your art, but we REALLY don't want a "Ghostie Gail!" Get better really soon. :o)

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

That's NOT cool!! sorry you have been ill, I have never had a sinus infection and it sure doesn't sound like I want one any time soom!!
Hope you sythetic drugs work soon and yu are up to you ol creative self soon!!



Silke Janas-Schloesser said...

Poor dear, you had to give so much energie through the last couple of weeks..or months ? Seem´s everybody is having the flu or similar at the moment,curious is, I hear and read only that women are sick !!! I have allways had trouble with sinus infection and bronchitis, so I choose both together last week, but I´m recovering, still coughing a lot,but the head is almost free again. Gail if you´re still fighting with a lot of slime wich stucks in nose and throat, here is an old Gypsy recipe to make your own caugh Syrup:(you´ll need big carrots + sugar) take a big fat carrot, wash it, cut of the green that you have a platform on top of the carrot, now you need to make a hole from above down into the carrot, but take care that you don´t come out at the end, the hole needs to be a minimum of 1cm / half inch, than fill it with white or brown sugar, let it stay in a mug over night. The following morning you will have your syrup dosis. Drink it. Wait. After a minute or two you will caugh a lot but it takes out so much slime, spit the slim out, do not swallow it. Repeat this procedure as long as needed. It makes your lungs and throat free.For the sinus infection, I use to inhale hot water with salt steam
Get well soon my dear !!!
Big hugs, Silke
I never used antibiothic since years !! Okay it comes back every year, but if you start early with inhale and taking your syrup it won´t get that worst.

Diana said...

Awwww..hope you feel better..I deal with sinus issues regularly, so can relate..

MaygreenFairies said...

Aahhh Gail hun I wish you a speedy recovery. Mandy x

Yve said...

Hope you feel better soon, try that carrot cure it sounds fantasticaly Olde Worlde! :o)

Enchanted Productions by Joyce Stahl said...

Aw Gail! I feel so bad for you! Those sinus infections are awful! I'm glad to hear you're on the mend though!

Feel better soon! We all miss you!

Chicken Soup Hugz,

adelesspookyart said...

Welcome back Gail!!....YAY!!!!...We missed you....Hopefully Miss P made a good little Nurse-Maid...Warm, Sunny, Healing Hugs to you!


Jodi said...

So glad you are feeling better and have once again joined the living Gail...those sinus thingies can be horrid...just taken care of your 'ears'..my bad sinue infection led to bad ringing and a partial deafness in one ear...WHAT! Inner Ear Junk...bad juju!

Take Care and be well


Joanna Thomas said...

So sorry to hear you have been sick! But happy to hear you are on the mend!

Zoya said...

Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Did you ever try a nettie pot( spellling may be way off)? They have been talking aabout them on TV off and on, supposed to be a great way to clean your sinus, but I bet with a full blown infection it may not help too much. Seems everyone is sick here too, latest is the pins and needles in my left hand, makes it impossible to sculpt and very hard to type!

Feel better soon!

Sarah said...

LOL grow another limb!!! I'm sooo sorry hon - I hate sinus infections - they are so painful and make you just feel horrid!! Feel better soon!!! Sarah

ODD imagination said...

Ok - now it's time to channel all that stuff into a fantastic piece of art. C'mon now, you can do it. :o)

Roran Storms said...

Hi, Love your art. Definitly going to follow this blog.
Also I would like to know if I can use a photo of one of your feys on a Betane Gathering poster here in Portland Oregon. Not sure what it is called. (the name of the fey)
Beautiful Creatures Madame.

Pattee said...

I was wondering if you'd crawled in to a coffin to sleep for awhile..... I missed you! (I'll have to give you a call one of theses days Ok?)

I'm sorry about your sinus infection! They are killer sometimes..... Pain in the head for sure.

Get better and take you time getting back in to your "things"

Gail Lackey said...

Thank you all for the well wishes and that great old gypsy remidy Silke, I will try it for sure!! Miss "P" went into hiding when she heard I was sick, she's not a very good caretaker... unless there is something in it for her! LOL! My head still feels like it rolling around a ship (kinda wild actually) but it makes walking in a straight line difficult!I've never had a sinus infection before, but I no I don't ever want one again!
Hoping all the rest of you"sickies" are are the mend also!
Happy Hauntings, Gail

Odddollz by Jacqui said...

Hey Gail, I give you a sisterhood award!! Please stop by my blog to pick it up:)


Gail Lackey said...

Hi Roran, yes, that would be fine to use a photo of one of the fairys for your Betane poster. Thanks for asking. It would be great if you could aknowlege that it was mine somewhere, I'd apprieciate it.

Thanks Jacqui for the award...I'm behind on posting my awards but I'll try and get it up soon! You know I turned that stuff over to Miss"P" and she's not very effecient!
hugs, Gail

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

Hope you feel better Gail, I know all about sinus troubles *sniff sniff*
Magical pills are the best, so are those witchy doctors

B. Diederich said...

Wow! I just found your blog...delightful indeed! I've tried making some bird dolls for a friend, but I just loved the eyes you use--especially for the little animal creatures. I find them intriguing. Also...what is paper clay? I have heard of red or white clay (consistency of slip + water in a blender), but it must be fired.
I will bookmark your site...it's very cool.

3rdEyeMuse said...

sorry your feeling lousy ... wishing you back to better really, really fast.

MarZel said...

I just found your site thanks to some wonderful artful bloggers! I am so thrilled and love everything you do! Funny, though, while I was readin about your infection and taking "regular" medication... you know it might not be a bad thing... a third arm and all, especially with the sculpting! Best Wishes.

Cyberdelia said...

Hi! Recently found your blog & love it! :-) I too recently had to go to a "regular" doctor for an infection from a puncture wound, and have been on serious antibiotics for over a week. UGH! I'd much prefer the natural stuff & "witch" doctors like you mentioned, lol, but sadly this time I needed fast, aggressive (and expensive!) treatment. Le sigh! *hugs* to you while you heal! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Gail-

I know how nasty these infections can be! Hope you're up and running again in no time.


Annabelle said...

Nasty bugs all around I must say! Glad to hear your coming back to life though....ha! Seriously a few of the gals I visit seem to be suffering the same aliments...in the air I guess and good thing we live in this day and age with all of the lovely drugs!!!!
Hugs Annabelle ....get better!