Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Identity of Desgin

I've been absent for sometime from my blog. Life and responsibilites have set up camp outside my door. But things are finally calming down to where I can hopefully get back to creating and posting!
If you follow me on facebook then you've probably read my post about the person that copied the look of my dolls then had the gall to send it into a magazine as her own look,.I'm not going to harp on this as I normally like to keep my posts fun and informative.But I'll say this, I am happy when my work inspires someone to want to create, but hopefully they will have the ethics not to copy and have the desire to create there own style. It takes practice and time to find your own look. It's a small world and the artists in it know who created what. When someone can look at  a doll, or painting etc, and just"know" who created it without seeing the name, thats called "Identity of design". We are all inspired by the work of others, thats what makes us grow and contribute to the next generation of artists. Search for your own look and be a leader not a copier!
The magazine has apoligized for publishing the copier, saying they trust that the artists that send in work to be published are ethical, that they will give credit where credit is do. I am told there will be forth coming articles on Identity of design and copyright, I am happy to say!
There... thats all I will say about that! 


Yve said...

So Sorry to hear about that Gail, it's become such a huge problem for doll artists this last few years. Rewind to about 5 years ago, and there were relatively few doll artists about really, and all had recognisable styles (or, like me were still searching for one!) but there has been this sudden explosion of interest in doll making (a good thing) and unfortunately a proportion of these new doll makers are not educated, or perhaps ethical, enough to not just go out and copy the style of those who they admire.

It's sad but I do think if the doll making publications did more to cover this topic then we can at least get to those those whose problem is a lack of education about copyright, intellectual property and just general ethics. I've seen people imitating your style lately and rest assured, you are right, we can always tell who made the doll! ;o)

Gail Lackey said...

Thanks Yve, yes I feel that the people at the magazine should be more familiar with their subject matter. In the "old" days they all came to the shows and new all the artists. They don't do that any more. The editor at art doll quarterly has promised an article discussing copyright etc. Too late to get it in this next issue, but in the bussiness section Adele was able to write a small bit of something. The next issue should have a full article...a little to late!

Maximus said...

I'm a bit behind in my reading but I am happy that you have found some sort of closure? Let me know when they publish that article. It isn't in the current one is it? Gail, you are a OOAK and so are your dolls! I have learned a lot from you and have NEVER copied your style. You are so generous with your knowledge and as a fellow artist I appreciate it. xoxo Amy

Gail Lackey said...

Thank you Maximus,
I'm so happy to hear you have learned information from my blog that might help you in your creative persuits! We are in the process of doing an article now which should come out around Sept of 2014 I am told. I will post the date when I know for sure. You can bet on that!!
Hugs, Gail

Julie Draper said...

Oh that's sad...I'm happy to here its fixed.