Saturday, November 8, 2008

Beatrice: The Creation of a Ghostly One

AAhh..Look what Miss Pennythistle found in my studio! A Disembodied Head! And not just any old disembodied head...but one belonging to a little Ghostie named Beatrice Baudelaire!

I started Beatrice with a totally different idea in mind for her (a new type of ghostly being I wanted to try)...but she has a mind of her own, and decided she was to have a regular body like all the other little ghosties. And since she has creepy little teeth, I decided to give her what she wanted. She did manage to draw blood with a very sharp sculpting tool when I was creating her, so best not to mess with her!
Desperately in need of some sort of skeletal structure I created one for her using armature wire. I strengthened her joints with plumbers apoxie...Love this stuff! Especially the Loctite brand. It's just like apoxie sculpt but it hardens in under 5 minutes....for instant gratification!
(Miss Pennythistle has disguised herself as the roaming we wouldn't notice!)

Here Beatrice has her new legs and creepy little hands. Her little teeth don't show in the photo but they are there...all the better to gnaw on things with! In fact I'm not so sure it was the sculpting tool that drew the blood..maybe a tiny bite? Ouch!
Miss Pennythistle (aka the roaming gnome) helps out holding her choice of hair for Beatrice...I dunno...I think Little Beatrice may have a say in this!
Happy Hauntings, Gail


Gufobardo said...

you haven't space on your table....! wonderful creature, please add photos!;O)

The Whimsical Goblin said...

Ohhh Gail, I cant wait to see her finished. You do such amazing work.
Its so fun to create some new creature.
(Im working on a GOBLIN at the moment, Big guy he is too (aprox. 20" tall).

LoopyBoopy said...

I need Pennythistles help in my studio, she appears to have great taste and I bet is great company. Of course cannot wait for the progress on Beatrice. Thanks for sharing!!

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

ohhh...I can't wait to see this little one done and haunting it up.
I love seeing works in progress. thanks so much for sharing!

Jacqui said...

Beatrice is hauntingly adorable!!! And Pennythistle looks to be having fun helping in her birth or should I her death!
Very cool seeing the wip of her, thanks so much for sharing:)

Gail Lackey said...

Ohh Miss Penythistle is a BIG help! LOl! kinda like having a 3 year old helper..but I have to humour her as she can get a bit pouty!
Glad you enjoy seeing Beatrices creation! It's like watching Bride of Frankenstein!
Signed: the Dark one

alimaky_woodedwoods said...

So that's how all your ghosties defy gravity and stand on their own.... seeing that I can't help thinking about Niada and being terrified seeing your dark creations standing on that podium. I love seeing progress pics and I'm digging those different eyes!

Amy Short said...

Ahhh is really great to see your work in progress. I too wondered how you got them to stand so well. I love this ghostie...just wonderful. I want to get close to see those teeth but would be afraid that my blood might tempt a bit too much! ;o) wouldn't want to get bitten!

Do you cook your pieces separately and then put them in place on the armature? I wonder whether the apoxie can go in the oven. Enlighten me oh talented dark one!


Fantastic Figments said...

WOW I love the play by play that is great and Pennythistles she thinks she is sooo sneeky. HAHA I love it. Fun post!


adelesspookyart said...

Many Thanks for Sharing...Your Work is Amazing, Wonderful, interesting, fun and Lots more....You certainly hold my attention with your Creativity.....Nice to see inside operation.....~adele~

Yoli said...

I love coming here.

Anonymous said...

I love seeing how other artist's studio space and work-in-progress pics....thank you for sharing. Can't wait to see how Miss Beatrice turns out. :-)

Anonymous said...

*Love* the in progress shots!