Wednesday, October 1, 2008

More Ghosties

Melancolia McKnight, She gave us quite a fright, when she held her fairy just a bit too tight!
Ophelia Bedilia and her sister Meg
the last thing they played was Tea Party...
where they served Deadly Nightshade! 12 1/2" tall

One night Sophie took the shortcut home,

She had a spooky feeling she was not alone,

When there before her, a tall man stood, with pasty white skin and a big dark hood,

He spread his cape...and turned to flee,

But not before Sophie bit him on the knee!

Now he walks with the undead at night...

All from little Sophies Vampire Bite!

Sweet Little Mary, bopped on the head by the sugar plum fairy!

Her little dog looked perplexed.....Poor thing,

He was bopped next!


Amy Short said...

Man I just LOVE your ghosties...they intrigue me! Thanks for the eye candy. :o) Amt

Anonymous said...

Oh Gail, I just love seeing your work. Your talent always amazes me. Something i have been meaning to ask - do you make your own eyes for your dolls? They are so distinctively... you.

Gail Lackey said...

Hi Beth, Yes, the eyes I paint over white glass beads till I get the effect I want with them,.. then, they are sealed several times with fimo glaze to give them that life like sparkle.