Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things that go Bump

Awhile back I began to hear noices coming from my studio, but when I'd go to look there was nothing there. Then, things started dissapearing, only to show up later in some other part of the house. Finally, one day I caught them! These strange little creatures frolicking among my stuff! (no wonder my studio is so messy)! The Fairy Godmum and Miss Pennythistle...who thinks shes Queen of everything she sees!
Miss Pennythistle is really a little fairy that prefers to show herself to me in the form of a mousey like creature. She's amazing! She can hold perfectly still for hours on end without even twitching a muscle or blinking an eye!

Then they started to multiply. Just like Gremlins! One day MissTinkeywillow showed up and they had a tugowar with the christmas tinsel. It took hours to get them untangled! They didn't play well together so I sent Miss Tinkeywillow off to bug someone else!
Next to show up was Petunia Petootie.It was okay for awhile, but then the two of them started to become so annoying. They would steal my paintbrushes and torment me by acting like they were going to paint on the dolls I was working on!
They started to fight over toys...mostly because Miss Pennythistle thinks everything is hers. She does not play well with others!! SOOO Petunia Petootie went buh-by!
Then Princess Poppyseed showed up. can imagine what Miss Pennythistle thought of that!!! Two princesses do not do well together! Soooo..I had to find a new home for Princess Poppyseed....then, I locked my doors and close the shades, and pretended to leave town!

So it's back to just Miss Pennythistle by herself, which is how she likes it. Things are much quiter, with just an occassional missing spool of thread. Now, if I can just stop her from tormenting the dogs........

Dark Blessings, Gail


Ulla said...

Toooooo Cute! Love their bulging eyes! Bet they'd love to meet my armadillo!

The Whimsical Goblin said...

They are adorable!

Teapot said...

I love these~!!

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

how cute!

AwtemNymf said...

Mischievous creatures alright! Those are darling! I love the details, colors, and eyes! Love the wand- so small! You rock Gail!!!

Jacqui said...

hahaha I think their cousins live in my house!!!
They are absolutely adorable!!

Your creations ALWAYS make me smile:)


Anonymous said...

I love the photo narrative.

I know it takes a good bit of time to put that together so THANK YOU for introducing us to your newest creatures in such a warm and whimsical way.

Felipe Boreli said...

Great work!!! Beautiful!!!

CAPRICE Administrator

Yve said...

They are so sweet, they remind me of an old neighbour's "secret" chihuahua - we weren't allowed pets in the apartment building, but the secret Chihuahua was so naughty he couldn't be ignored!

Sabii Wabii said...

Oh my this looks like my dog! Pita!
Love the expressive character you create!