Sunday, October 26, 2008

Old Theatrical adds

Check this out..sooo cool,.. dark, gothic victorian, strange, sideshow, ...and inspirational! !


Amy Short said...

Definitely cool. Was that Chewbacca in the background!?! LOL

Did you ever see Sweeney Todd? Reminds me of that. I was haunted by that one for weeks. :o) Amy

Jacqui said...

I sure wasn't expecting it to be a shampoo commercial!! LOL
COOL though:)


Yve said...

Fab! I thought it was the "streets of Montmartre" sequence from Moulin Rouge at first, obviously the inspiration. Ohhh, love that film, have to go and watch it again now :o)

Gail Lackey said...

Yeah, thats the first thing I thought was Moulin Rouge....Love that dark creepy side show feel!

Like Jacqui..I never expected a hair care commerical! Too funny!