Sunday, October 5, 2008

more Ghosties

Another one of my "ghosties" , but a rare piece as it's a little brother and sister. "Drucilla & Tiny Tim" Drucilla is 13 1/2" and tiny Tim is 7 1/2" tall Polymerclay over wire armature and free standing.(most of my dolls are)
"Drucilla and Tiny Tim went to the lake for a nice little swim...
With malice in mind Dru left tiny Timmy behind....
Now she's an only child once again!!

"Poor Ellie Jane, left standing in the rain...

her dolly in tote, still waits for her mum at the boat" (Gosh..was it the titanic)??

And..Voilet Lark..the little ghostie that started it all!

"Poor Violet Lark, went to play in the park after dark,

and was ate by a land shark"!

Violet stand s just under 13" and her clothing was made using an antique decrepit maroon silk velvet and other "ageing" textiles. Her baby doll is just under 2 1/2" and wears the typically ghostly rotting & shredded gauze befitting a strange baby-doll.

One of my favorites! Lucy Mcbee!

"Sweet little Lucy McBee..

At the time I think was just three..

tried to ride her stick was a disaster of course,

Now she's known as Ghostie McBee!"

Lucy is just over 9" tall with rotting skeleton stick horse and creepy dolly..all the better to love them!

Hope they inspire you!

Eternally Yours, Gail

(p.s. all have gone to haunt houses other than mine!)


Sprite said...

Hi Gail, I'm thrilled to see you have a blog! You're work is fantastic,... you're always inspiring!

Big hugs,

Itsy Bitsy Funzy Onesie said...

Wow, I just stumbled onto your blog and must say I am very glad I found it!

Amy Short said...

I love your little ghosties! Thanks for sharing! :o)